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About me…

Welcome to my website. For me, painting is a process.  It is in essence a conversation, if you will, in which I engage with Nature, my subject: I behold Nature and then provide a response in the language of paint.  The response itself is multi-fold: it is a confirmation of what I know about the visual world and may not see in an obvious way; and then conversely, the response itself is a probing, questioning and evaluation of what it is I think I am seeing.  To this end,  it is a process of deciding what is significant, as I evaluate and make more decisions as how to best portray this significance.

Lately, I have been exploring form with respect to Cezanne’s ideas about the sphere, cylinder and cone as the fundamental forms of Nature; and along with this, I have been using a new massing technique to try to capture that which is transitory within my subject.  Also of late, I have been using the palette knife so as to “break surface” and move my painting into a more painterly and sculptural level.

Philosophically, I view Nature as a peer and engage with nature in a playful and egalitarian way.  I seek to abstract from Nature that which is significant.  I seek to almost channel that which is “beyond nature” so that I am in touch with the abstract organizing processes that create “super natural” balance, wholeness, integration, harmony and beauty.

My contact information:  awmoorejr@gmail.com


Prizes and/or awards:

Lerner Piano Prize, Amherst College, 1988
Diana Kan Award, Salmagundi Club, 2010
Antonio Cirino Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, 2010

Affiliations, memberships:

The Salmagundi Club
The Art Students League of New York, Life Member

Visit: www.wrightmooretenor.com to view Wright’s music website.



“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
Gustav Mahler