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About me…

Welcome to my website. For me, painting is a process.  It is in essence a conversation, if you will, in which I engage with Nature, my subject: I behold Nature and then provide a response in the language of paint.  The response itself is multi-fold: it is a confirmation of what I know about the visual world and may not see; and then conversely, the response itself is a probing, questioning and evaluation of what it is I think I am seeing.  To this end,  it is a process of deciding what is significant, as I evaluate and make more decisions as how to best portray this significance.

I think “abstractly” as I paint, laying in brush strokes that communicate with other brush strokes within a painting on a holistic level that transcends pure “representation”.   I also paint in a sculptural way, turning blocks and masses of paint into my subject matter, instead of rendering and turning to linear drawing solutions.

As such, I view Nature as a peer and engage with nature in a playful and egalitarian way.  I seek to abstract from Nature that which is significant.  I seek to channel that which is “beyond nature” so that I am in touch the abstract organizing process that seeks to create “super natural” balance, wholeness, integration, harmony and beauty.

Lerner Piano Prize, Amherst College, 1988
Diana Kan Award, Salmagundi Club, 2010
Antonio Cirino Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, 2010

Affiliations, memberships:

The Salmagundi Club
The Art Students League of New York, Life Member
The Ridgewood Art Institute, Member

Visit: www.wrightmooretenor.com to view Wright’s music website.


“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
Gustav Mahler